T.S. Carl G. Stockholm Battalion, NSCC


In order to join the Naval Sea Cadets, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be the correct age.  Navy Leaguers start at 11 years old through 13.  Navy Sea Cadets must be about to turn 14 through age 17.
  2. Must be a U.S. Citizen
  3. Be a full-time student and maintain satisfactory grades (2.00 "C" grade point average)
  4. Be free of felony convictions

Sea Cadet Enrollment is $275 first year
Navy League Enrollment is $175.00 first year

  1. Their annual dues
  2. NSCC insurance premium
  3. Initial name tapes

Cadets will need to re-register each year on their anniversary of their enrollment and pay $175.00 for Sea Cadets and $150 for Navy Leaguers in yearly dues (this is subject to change as uniforms and other items vary in price in accordance to military exchange rates).

Cadets are asked to cover the cost of their meals (messing fees) and for any special fees associated with activities outside of our normal drill (museum entrance fees, extraordinary transportation costs, etc.).  We also occasionally order special items such as sweat shirts, or family t-shirts that may be at extra cost.

Parents please be aware that although we are volunteers and our uniforms and costs are not covered under the program dues we incur great expenses of our own to run this program.  We ask that parents also make a commitment  to help cover costs of their cadets when necessitated.


Typically, our unit will have a drill two weekends a month, usually the first and third weekend of the month.  However, there are often extra activities including parades, community service events, and practices that are scheduled throughout each month.


We will make every effort to outfit the cadet with a complete uniform but there may arise the need to purchase pieces on your own or wait for a size to become available.  Please note, that shoes are limited in quantities and families are expected to incur the cost of dress uniform shoes and combat style boots (usually $45 for dress uniform shoes and $80 for combat style boots).

If items to the uniform are lost, the cadet will be required to pay the cost to replace the item. 


Please visit our Contact Us Page and tell us you are interested in joining.  One of our officers will be in contact with you with further information.

Become A Cadet


A medical examination similar to a high school sports physical is required for all cadet applicants to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) or Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC).  No one will be denied admission to the NSCC/NLCC due to a medical disability.  Where a medical condition precludes full, unlimited participation, a Request for Accommodation (NSCADM 015) may be presented by the parent or guardian for review so the cadet may participate in NSCC activities to the maximum extent possible.  Adult applicants must be in good health commensurate with their age group and be free from any ailment or condition that would prevent them from satisfactorily performing their primary duty of supervising youth.  NOTE: Adults not physically qualified to perform all duties may still participate with a waiver from NHQ considering the parameters of their expected contribution to the NSCC program.  

John F. Kennedy Division, NSCC